Our services

Market Place

An easy way to have all in one for a better experience with your customers.

Point of sale

Our platform provides a new experience with the highest level of demand in terms of food safety.


Whether we are talking about online payments, physical payments through mobile terminals, or through a simple phone, we offer integrated card payment solutions (debit/credit), directly through an open bank or QR code payment operation, but we we don't stop here, we will connect your money with your entire business and offer you the related reports for correct decisions in your business.

Food waste control

Integration with scales and smart probe, monitories the validity of the food, smart acquisition (based on the history of consum) will be generate not just a simple inventory, we will generate an eficient inventory to help you to grow your profit and in a same time to contribute for a green planet.

Temperature control

Temperature control and validity time for your products.

Warrenty Control

Food losses and their reduction represent the biggest challenge of our time, that's why we are sure that we all want a greener planet. Following the expiration date of the food products in your own kitchen will not only help you reduce their loss through expiration, but will also generate benefits for your company by reducing costs.


Intuitive, flexible, friendly, but more importantly, a complete solution for your business, and when we say ERP, we think we mean only half of the solutions we offer. Planning your resources will be an easy job with great results!

Invetory Control

Stock inventory is one of the aspects that ultimately leads to losses of raw materials and/or finished products. If you have stock control at any time, the losses will decrease immediately and the profitability of the restaurant will increase by up to 8%, and this is as soon as you use the appropriate tools to help you achieve that goal.

Driver App

Our fleet management improves utilization, reduces maintenance and ensures profitability of local deliveries.